Ideas for Growth Hacks

To improve the performance of your growth engines, our support team helps you to analyze your growth assumptions and to propose growth hacks with the goal to increase your growth engine's performance.

The service works well for every project stage and was designed for startups and enterprises alike. 




Support with Design and Execution 

Your success depends on doing the right things at right time. Our support helps you to prioritize the proposed growth hacks and to make them ready for execution.

You are in full control of the process, decide on which of the proposed hacks you need help with. The goal is to complement your teams skills and accelerate the progress.


Standardized Procedures

To build a growth engine that works, you need to focus on the customer journey and design each journey's step properly. This task can become complex as more and more tools need to be deployed to accomplish that. 

Our support team will help you to minimize the number of tools and to setup and integrate each one quickly through standardised procedures. You will save a huge amount of time and money by not reinventing the wheel.


Hubspot for Startups Certified

One of the central tools we use to build growth engines is Hubspot. It is a powerful machine, but the pricing may seem discouraging for startups at first glance. After you understand how the Gamified Startup works, you are very likely to understand the huge value that Hubspot provides.

Through our certified acceleration program, you can apply for Hubspot for Startups which makes you eligible for a 90% discount in the first year and a 50% discount in the second year of Hubspot usage. 


Fresh ideas and growth hacks 

The number of possible hacks for your growth engine is nearly endless. You can`t find and execute them all. Get outside help to find new perspectives.


Switch to model based thinking 

Visual and model based thinking increases your chances of success. It makes it easier for your team members to contribute and it increases the quality of ideas and decisions.


Flexible support on demand

Each growth engine stage requires different skills, know-how, tools and hacks. Get quickly up to speed with things your team lacks expertise in. 


Get focused on what matters

Startup success depends on good prioritization. The toolkit helps you to focus on things that matter, minimizing the waste of time and money. 


Speed up project progress

Don`t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Clear focus in combination with good project management skills will help you get better organized and to maintain the momentum.


Don´t reinvent the wheel

Get the growth engine standards quickly in place. Don`t waste time figuring things out you don't need to. Focus on the important stuff that moves your project forward. 



Upload your support budget use it flexibly as you need to.



As your support needs become more predictable this may be an option.


Accelerator Style

Support and resources delivered in exchange for equity.